Top 20 Most Money Making Websites

Posted by Arsicha Kofalee on 02:24 AM, 18-Mar-16

ThumbnailHere is a list of Top 20 Most Money Making Websites: 20. LinkedIn - $215,200,000 $7 per second 19. ClickBank - $350,000,000 $11 per second 18. Yandex - $439,700,000 $14 per second 17. Orbitz - $757,500,000 $24 per second 16. Groupon - $760,000,000 $24 per second 15. Taobao - $774,210,000 $25 per second 14. Zynga - $850,000,000 $27 per second 13. Skype - $860,000,000 $27 per second 12. Overstock... [Read More]

Why for i use mywapblog?

Posted by Arsicha Kofalee on 01:43 AM, 21-Nov-15

Hello again, Do you ever ask your self why you are using MyWapBlog? Do you? If yes, what do you answered? Put it in comment box. I ask my self why for i use MyWapBlog. Blogging with MyWapBlog is Easy, Fast & Awesome! How? So lets see the reasons. Yes, Unlike other platforms; MyWapBlog is 100% mobile friendly. Readers can visit and read... [Read More]

Am back again to my old blog on mywapblog

Posted by Arsicha Kofalee on 12:55 AM, 21-Nov-15

Hello My Readers!! Am back; Yeah, I make a lot of posts like this don’t I? Yes, I am apologizing for the lack of updates once more. I really don’t have an excuse as to why I’m not posting. — I just haven’t been. But I REALLY do want to get back into the swing of things again. I love... [Read More]

I am here (poem)

Posted by Arsicha Kofalee on 05:53 AM, 12-May-15

I am here Its been years I have shared my fears with my tears You will always see me with tightly built fist Not because I am ready for a hot fist fight The fist is built to hold my fears for a little longer When I open my fist, my palm opens like a gate with free sweat pouring down Like the way falls water do... [Read More]